For Sellers: Pros & Cons of Open Houses

Open House

Open houses have been an effective selling tool in the real estate market for many years. But with the convenience of modern digital virtual tours, a seller can choose to forgo the traditional “in person” open house altogether. CENTURY 21 North East offers sellers a comprehensive virtual home-selling process that includes virtual home [...]

Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Getting a Home Inspection

The home inspection is typically arranged and paid for by the buyer after you, the seller, have accepted their offer. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the home inspection done before selling your home. Quite the contrary, a home inspection will benefit you greatly by understanding the condition of your home and what may need to be fixed. You [...]

5 Best Day Trips in New England in the Spring

Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Sometimes the best way to explore the world around is to simply take a road trip. Thankfully, many of the cities, towns, and parks in New England are in close proximity to each other which makes taking day trips to visit them much more convenient. If you want to try delicious seafood on the coast of Maine, explore the lakes of Vermont, or [...]

Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

Getting a Home Inspection

You have found the perfect home and the offer has been accepted. Now is the time to schedule a home inspection! The home inspection process is different from an appraisal. The home inspection evaluates the condition of a home (for buyers) whereas the appraisal evaluates the value of a home (for lenders). It is typically paid for by the buyer [...]

Buyers Guide To Closing Costs

Buyer Closing Costs

Before getting the keys to your dream home, you have to go through the closing process. Not exactly the most exciting part of buying a home, but one that is necessary to transfer the ownership of the house from the seller to [...]

Tips to Help Buyers Win in a Multiple Offer Situation

Home Sold With Multiple Offers

Having multiple offers on a home for sale is pretty standard nowadays, especially in a hot seller's market. While that’s great news for sellers, it isn’t that great for you as the homebuyer. You see, everyone is itching to get a shot at their dream home, and you need to be prepared as a buyer to out-maneuver other buyers in the [...]