Tips for Buying & Selling at the Same Time

Buying & Selling a Home

So you want to sell and buy your next home simultaneously. Wait! What? That's the kind of reaction you're likely to get from some of your home-owning peers because buying and selling your home, all at the same time, is a monumentally daunting [...]

Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling Your Home in Winter

There's a common misconception among home sellers that winter is not a good time to sell your home. In fact, most people will recommend that you wait until spring to list your home. Well, it's easy to see why. You see, spring is typically a moving season for many families mainly because the weather is conducive, and as such houses tend to [...]

How to Sell Your New England Home in the Winter

Home in Winter with Sold Sign

Ideally, most sellers would like to sell their home in spring, but sometimes things don't always go your way, and you have to settle on winter to move your home. 

Winter may not be the most ideal season to sell your house in New England, but that doesn't mean you have to wait till the weather warms up again. With the right strategy and some [...]

Tips for Living Off the Grid in New England

Off The Grid

Living off-the-grid in New England has its perks. The region boasts large stretches of silent forests, lakeside cabins, lonely beaches, and a pleasant countrified atmosphere which appeals to many urbanites looking to unwind or escape urban living [...]

What the Pandemic Means for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying a home is an exciting milestone that most people strive to accomplish. However, the pandemic caused many of those with homeownership in sight to shift their priorities and reconsider buying. While COVID-19 drove down interest rates to historic lows, it also caused a dip in employment rates and financial confidence, making it more difficult for first-time buyers to save for the home of their dreams

5 Updates that you Can do in a Weekend to Add Curb Appeal

Home with Curb Appeal


When selling your home, first impressions do matter. Check out these 5 updates that you can do in a weekend to increase the curb appeal of your home!

Give your Yard a Manicure

Give your yard some TLC! Take the time to cut back overgrown trees and shrubs, these should accent your house, not hide it. Basic shrub and tree trimming, and pruning [...]