5 Reasons to Opt for a Virtual Tour

Amidst the impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Century 21 North East understands that it may be unnerving for their agents and clients to physically tour a home or have potential buyers view their house. In an attempt to ease those nerves, Century 21 North East has developed Virtual Tour options. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should currently opt for a virtual tour!

Shop ‘til you Drop!

Virtual Tours allow clients to view more homes in a shorter amount of time. View homes in different cities and states without the hassle of planning travel! “Virtual Tours allows our buyers the ability to view several homes in one day, which may not have been otherwise possible for in-person tours” says President & CEO Jim D’Amico.

Ability to Take a Second Look

Virtual Tours let potential buyers go back and look at certain areas of a home that they may have questions or concerns about. Instead of trying to remember whether the kitchen had tile or wood flooring, you can simply go back to the virtual tour and see for yourself!

 Virtual Consultations

Century 21 North East Agents and Staff are available to host Virtual Consultations. They will help you to establish a game plan that meets your needs and will communicate regularly through your preferred method of contact, providing you with listings that match your criteria in your desired area.

It’s the Little Details that Matter

The technology that comes with Virtual and 3D Tours allows potential buyers to focus in on specific features in the house such as tile design, light fixtures, paint colors and more. Instead of physically walking through the home and trying to snap photos of details, buyers can zoom in over and over all from the comfort of their own computer or mobile device.

Paint the Picture

Virtual Tours allows clients to develop their own sense of ownership. View a property with your family from the comfort of your home and discuss certain aspects of homes that you may not be comfortable sharing in front of an agent or on a physical tour. View a home on your own time and at your own pace to be sure that this is the home for you!

Visit our website to see all listings with virtual tours. Have questions or concerns on a property? Give us a call at 1-800-844-SOLD or contact us.

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