Charlene Morrissey

Preparing to Move

It's been said a million times, moving is stressful. We all know it is. It can especially be overwhelming when you starting to think about what exactly you need to get done before it's time to actually move. We have you covered with a step-by-step guide on preparing for your move. 

How to Choose the Right Movers

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. Hence why more and more people are opting to hire movers to help with the stress and pain. But how do you know you’re choosing the right mover? Below we have some tips on how to ensure you aren’t going to be left scrambling when it’s time to move.

Best Time to List Your Home

Putting your home on the market can be stressful. There are tons of questions you are probably asking yourself. One of which may be - when is the best time to list my house on the market? While it does vary depending on the region or other external factors, according to a Zillow study, the ideal time to list your home is in May, specifically on a Saturday. Homes listed in May on a Saturday typically sell 6 days sooner than homes posted during other months fo the year.