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Living off-the-grid in New England has its perks. The region boasts large stretches of silent forests, lakeside cabins, lonely beaches, and a pleasant countrified atmosphere which appeals to many urbanites looking to unwind or escape urban living altogether.

For first-timers, living off-the-grid can be daunting, hence the tips below can help you enjoy living your off-grid dream in New England.

Choose the Right Off-Grid Property

A quick search on the web today for "off-grid homes for sale" will give you tons of results because these types of homesteads and properties have grown increasingly popular over the past few decades. New England has many of these cabins, craftsman homes, and tiny homes, so picking the right off-the-grid property should be a priority for you. First off, start by identifying your off-the-grid living needs. While most people who pursue homesteading want to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, it's advisable to choose a house within an hour's drive to a hospital, school, work, or shopping center. 

Similarly, some people are independently wealthy and can afford luxurious off-the-grid homes. If you are not there yet, don't worry. Consider your budget when evaluating a home to buy. There are many affordable off-the-grid homes, and you will be thrilled to hear many have comfortably embraced a laidback woods lifestyle while being minimal. Additionally, when preparing your off-the-grid home wish list, it's wise to consider factors such as ease of communication, internet access, and even the moving costs.

Consider a Remote Island Retreat

New England has so many remote islands you can retreat to. Most of these islands are cut off from daily life, with a ferry coming in once a day to bring in supplies. Such would be a fantastic way for a tourist to live off the grid for a while.

These islands have little to no phone reception, the internet connection is not that great, and in some places, there's no electricity at all. This kind of island life is a sure throwback to the times before technology.

Choose Your Home Location with a Little Pragmatism

Even if you want to live as far away from people as possible, it might not be in your best interest. Living in an isolated house in New England isn't an issue, but you might sometimes miss the company of people. Remember, transitioning from a traditional neighborhood to off-the-grid living is not easy. A neighbor or two, even if they are not near your home, won't hurt. Remember, these are people you share a similar lifestyle with and might have a few things in common.

Learn Skills Needed to Live Off The Grid

New England is quite remote. So if you decide to go off-grid living in New England, you need to learn valuable skills that will help you thrive in your new lifestyle. The truth is modern-day comforts have come to define us as people, and without them, most of us genuinely struggle. Off-the-grid living requires some great DIY skills. For instance, you can't call a carpenter to do simple furniture repairs or maintenance. Learn simple skills like how to chop firewood, tie a knot, harvest water, fish, garden, composting, first aid, food preservation, and basic repair and maintenance.

Have an Emergency Supply for Your Basic Needs

You might have all you need for your off-the-grid living, and life is smooth sailing, but all of a sudden, a system failure occurs or an outage strikes, and then you've no water, no heat, or power. In that case, you need to be ready for emergencies. For instance, have backup water, a communication system, alternative cooking method, quick light source, backup heat source, and a canned food stash.

The Bottom Line

Living off the grid has its benefits, and we hope the tips shared here can help make it easier for you. 

So, Can I Get an off the Grid House in New England?

Of course, you can! At Century 21 North East, you can browse available off-grid homes for sale in New England and create an account to receive email notifications when new properties become available.

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