Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter

There's a common misconception among home sellers that winter is not a good time to sell your home. In fact, most people will recommend that you wait until spring to list your home. Well, it's easy to see why. You see, spring is typically a moving season for many families mainly because the weather is conducive, and as such houses tend to sell a little faster.

Is it worth trying to sell your home in the winter? The answer is yes! There are plenty of positive aspects to selling your home in the winter season. 

1. The Buyers Are Serious and Highly Motivated

Most winter homebuyers mean business and, more often than not, are ready to buy a home regardless of the less than ideal weather conditions. The cold weather is a massive deterrent for unserious buyers, so if you're planning on selling your home in the winter, you're more likely to cash out after just a few showings.

2. Fewer Available Homes for Sale in the Market

Most sellers dispose of their homes during the spring and summer months as they look to capitalize on the real estate spring rush. As a result, the inventory in the market is usually lower in winter than at any other time of the year. This means if you're selling your home, the competition from other sellers is less, and with the limited options in the market, getting a buyer for your house won't take much.  

3. It is the Time for Job Transfers

Most companies prefer to transfer their workers to new locations at the end of the year or the start of the new year. You'll have a higher chance of selling your home to people who are relocating. Some companies also offer their employees hefty relocation packages, which they can invest into buying a new home. In most cases, these workers are usually in a hurry to settle into their new location, which increases your chances of selling your house.

4. It's Easier to Show Your House's Energy Efficiency

There's no better time to show off your home's energy efficiency than during winter. HVAC systems are the biggest energy hogs in most homes during winter. Therefore, if you have an energy-efficient system, a smart thermostat, efficient attic insulation, or some top-quality window treatments, be sure to lean on these energy-saving features as key selling points to entice buyers. 

5. It is Easier to Get a Focused Real Estate Agent

During the spring and summer months, most top-tier agents have their hands full with clients thus are less likely to give you their full undivided attention. In the winter, however, there aren't too many sellers competing for the agent's attention, and that’s the best time to swoop in.

6. Faster Loan Processing

There are usually fewer transactions happening in the real estate market during winter. For instance, mortgage lenders have fewer loans to process, and inspectors have fewer houses to inspect. Generally, most parties involved in a real estate transaction have a lot of time on their hands, significantly shortening loan processing times and ultimately reducing the closing times.

Opinions will always be split as to whether winter is a good time to sell your home or not, but, all said and done, there are some top benefits to selling your home in the winter. You just need a focused real estate agent with your best interests at heart and one who understands your needs. Our team of real estate experts at C21 North East is your best bet. If you have any questions about selling or buying a home in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Maine, feel free to contact us today!

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