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Fourth of July Party Prep!

Fourth of July celebrations are generally our summer’s biggest party! To make your party one your friends, family and random firework watchers will remember, follow this easy checklist!

How to get into "selling shape!"

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How to get into "Selling Shape!"


The key to selling your house is all about the selling shape! From the day you list it on the market your house should be in tip top shape. A properly staged house increase perceived value, enhance competitiveness, and reduce the days on the market. A study showed that staged properties were on the market

Bring Calm to the Chaos in Your Business

By Buffini & Company

As the selling season continues to pick up, many agents find themselves busy and struggling to fit everything into their days. Although they’re grateful for the business, they worry that other important people and tasks are falling through the cracks. As a result, they may work long days in an effort to squeeze it all in and boost productivity, only to find themselves tired, frustrated and less productive. Here are some best practices for bringing calm to the chaos in your business…

Do You Have Home Improvement Envy? You're Not Alone

Have you found yourself longingly peering into your neighbor’s yard to check out their new water feature only to start drawing up the blueprints for your own a week later? If you answered yes, turns out you’re just one of the many who experience jealousy—and a little competitive drive—over others’ home improvement projects.