Crush the Competition This New Year!

Becoming a real estate agent is a lifelong investment and ever-growing career. But what makes a successful real estate agent? Going back to the very reason you wanted to go into real estate is a great way to start answering this question. Below are a few pointers to help you stay focused, determined, and adaptive so you can take on the new year and crush the competition!



The reality is, real estate is a quick game as much as it is a timely game. While it can take months to sell or purchase a home, you also have to adapt to losing deals and gaining new ones at the drop of a hat. So how do successful agents deal with this? One word, MINDSET.


The very foundation of your goals determines how you succeed. Knowing you can achieve your goals and knowing that doing so requires hard work is essential for growth and success. By not dwelling on a loss and instead pouring yourself into finding another gain, you will soon find yourself knocking off all your short-term goals and feeling good about it along the way.



Your lifelong goal may be to help as many families as you can find their dream home, but first, you need an effective plan to get there. Successful agents are constantly setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to achieve their dreams. In fact, breaking your day into small, bite-size goals not only helps you feel less overwhelmed, but creates the habitual practice of seeing and feeling success so you can reach your endgame quicker and far more prepared.



A few things you can always work on to separate yourself from the competition include enhancing your digital presence, improving client communication, actively growing leads, and providing the very best customer service. How you present yourself determines whether clients trust you enough to help them through this stressful time and whether they’ll recommend you in the future. People will notice a warm smile, but more importantly, the time and attention you put into them.



Always remember to schedule EVERYTHING. Client meetups, open houses, and even vacation times. You may be dedicated to working 50+ hours a week, but remember, you are what drives this business so it’s crucial you put time into yourself. Keep yourself refreshed and energized—we promise your work and clients will appreciate it!  

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