Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

The home inspection is typically arranged and paid for by the buyer after you, the seller, have accepted their offer. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the home inspection done before selling your home. Quite the contrary, a home inspection will benefit you greatly by understanding the condition of your home and what may need to be fixed. You can choose what to fix and set the listing price accordingly. 

It’s a bargain 

Choosing to hire a professional to perform a home inspection when listing your home could very well secure your list-to-sale price. You will gain valuable insight for a nominal cost. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reports a cost range of $300-$500 for a typical 2-3 hour single family home inspection. The knowledge you gain will give you better leverage in the negotiation efforts presented by the buyer and buyer’s agent. 

Top things to fix 

The home inspection will focus on several key areas including the foundation, roof, rooms of the home, electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, attic, and basement. While normal wear and tear are expected (scuffed baseboards, slightly older furnaces, loose door handles) and won’t affect how you and your seller’s agent determine the listing price for your home, anything found structurally unsound or unsafe will need to be addressed (fixed by the seller, or reflected in the listing and the price adjusted accordingly). 

Some common top things to fix include: 

  • Electrical wiring (is it up to code?) 
  • Roofing (missing shingle, old and failing?) 
  • Foundation (this can be a costly issue) 
  • Chimneys (if not properly maintained a chimney can present a major safety issue) 

A busy day, a busy year, and a neglected maintenance routine 

We all have busy schedules and a host of responsibilities. You are very likely comfortable in your home and may believe everything is fine. But, perhaps you have neglected some minor routine home maintenance during the course of the year. Or worse, you have neglected some major home maintenance as the years have slipped by. You don’t want a buyer and buyer’s agent to uncover unknown structural and safety variables. These variables will haunt you at the negotiation table, and could potentially kill a sale. 

Take your time do it right, and economically 

When the home inspection is left to the buyer untimely repairs may be discovered that need to be addressed before a set closing date. A seller will be faced with running around to quickly hire contractors to perform the work, likely at a premium rate, or lowering the sales price to cover the cost of repairs. A seller securing a pre-listing home inspection will save valuable time and money. If necessary repairs are discovered during the inspection, they can take their time to research contractors, get multiple quotes for the work, and make an intelligent choice without painting themselves into a corner. They will also gain confidence in their listing price and minimize last minute surprises.

Additional Inspections 

There may be additional inspections important to consider before listing your home. Many additional inspections are area specific. Working with a seller’s agent experienced in your local market can help you decide if additional inspections would benefit you before listing. 

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