How to get into 'selling shape!

The key to selling your house is all about the selling shape! From the day you list it on the market your house should be in tip top shape. A properly staged house can increase perceived value, enhance competitiveness, and reduce the days on the market. A study showed that staged properties were on the market for 72% less time than non-staged houses.

To get your house into top selling shape, follow these easy steps:

  1. Fix it!

If anything in your house needs obvious repairs, it should be addressed before your home goes up for sale. Pay close attention to the exterior, the master bedroom, kitchen and living room. Having a well maintained property is a huge advantage in selling your home.

  1. Clean it.

A clean listing, is a happy listing. Cleaning your home also requires de-cluttering! If you have items out smaller than a grapefruit, put it away. Pack or throw out anything that isn’t essential and may accumulate on a regular basis. Don’t forget that just tucking away the clutter may not be sufficient. Potential buyers will open closets and drawers when looking to buy. The more organized you can be the better chance you have at selling your house.

  1. Stage it.

Making your house appear as attractive as possible is key in potential buyers imagining themselves live there. Staging is all about design tricks and tips in creating an open and appealing space. The three rules of thumbs to follow when staging your home are:

  1. Furniture:  a great staged room involves choosing furniture that shows the room in its best light. All furniture should be in good shape and be visually appealing.
  2. Décor: Remember to remove anything in your house that is distracting or personal. All décor should be neutral and positioned to emphasize the best home elements. It is also best to follow the rule of 3 when staging your house. All items on surfaces should be limited down to 3. Odd numbers tend to appeal to the eye more than even numbers and create a more lasting impression.
  3. Odors: Beware of any odors in your house. Stinky things like garage and disposal should be removed. Do not rely on air fresheners to cover the smells in the house either, instead open a window to air it out and consider baking something sweet. Baking sweet smelling foods before a showing has proven to help potential buyers feel at home!

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