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Home selling Superstitions

Real Estate Superstitions

Since it is Friday the 13th and there’s tons of superstitions that surround real estate and selling a home, let’s visit some of the most common. Knowing these may give you a better understanding of why people will or will not like a house and how you can sell your listing to a superstitious client!

  1. St. Joseph. If you’re having trouble selling a listing, try burying a statue of St. Joseph. The most common superstition that will help you sell faster with its power against doubt and hesitation!
  2. Watch for numerology. Some clients believe that the number 8 brings wealth and prosperity and will only buy a house that has a correlation with the number, while others will totally steer clear of homes involving the number 13 and 4!
  3. Knives. Never give a knife as a house warming gift…A knife symbolizes making enemies and could be the cause of a bad relationship between neighbors.
  4. A blue porch. As strange as it sounds, some people are more attracted to houses with blue porches because blue represents water that ghosts and spirits are not able to cross to get into a home.
  5. Moving day. Pay attention to the day you move or show a house. Rainy days for some are considered bad luck and Thursdays are the “luckiest” for moving and showing.
  6. Use Feng Shui. Many people are drawn into the peace that feng shui can bring into a home. Use tricks like red flowers to represent wealth in the front yard, plants above cabinets and the position of beds and furniture. These should always face the entrance of the room they’re in, to show and feel power and security.
  7. Sage the house. Using smudge sticks, you can rid the home of any negative energy associated with it and make a calm, positive space for potential home buyers.

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