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5 Quick Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard for Memorial Day

Family Gathering on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner – which means summer is officially here. What better time to give your backyard / patio a mini facelift to make it more inviting?! Below you will find 5 ways you can show some love to your backyard in time for your next barbecue.

Light up the Trees

Backyard LightingDon’t cut the party short just because the sun goes down! Adding lights to your trees or outdoor structures like a pergola is a great way to add functional lighting, but also to create a cozy mood. Whether you wrap string lights around the trunks of trees or hang lanterns from your porch or tree branches, adding some light to your backyard space will keep your party going longer.


Add an area rug

Outdoor RugA super easy way to make your outdoor space feel more put-together and welcoming is to add an area rug. You can find outdoor rugs at so many different retailers from Target to Amazon to Home Depot. We suggest measuring your patio furniture to ensure you purchase the right size rug for the space, so it doesn’t look out of place.


Spruce up the Garden

Landscaped BackyardGiving your garden a good clean may not be the most fun of tasks, but it certainly has a huge impact. Start by mowing the lawn, raking, and tidying up the backyard. Weeding your garden is not only good for you plants that are trying to grow, but helps make your garden beds look more taken care of. Adding fresh mulch to your flower beds has a significant visual impact and makes the whole backyard space look a lot more sophisticated and well-maintained. While you’re working on your garden it’s a great time to add some fertilizer to help things grow.

Add a fire pit

Backyard Fire PitWho doesn’t love a warm, cozy fire on a cool summer night? Make sure to check with your town before lighting any fires. If you are allowed to have a fire pit in your backyard, you have lots of different options. From all-in-one solutions from your local hardware store to spending an afternoon building one yourself. Step up your evening entertaining with toasted marshmallows, an activity the kids and adults are sure to enjoy.


Add a hammock or a tree swing

Kids on a Tree SwingOutdoor seating is essential to making an inviting back patio, but seating doesn’t necessarily need to be traditional. Adding a hammock to your backyard is perfect for reading or just enjoying a nice sunny day. You can find plenty of options that don't require you to hang it from a tree. Hanging a swing from a tree is ideal for kids – just make sure you're picking a tree that is healthy and a  limb that is sturdy enough to support far above the weight of whoever is using it. You can find tons of DIY tree swing instructions online.

Looking for a home with a fantastic backyard to spend your summer in? Contact us to find an agent who can help you find the perfect home with outdoor space.

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