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How to Sell Your New England Home in the Winter

Home in Winter with Sold SignIdeally, most sellers would like to sell their home in spring, but sometimes things don't always go your way, and you have to settle on winter to move your home. 

Winter may not be the most ideal season to sell your house in New England, but that doesn't mean you have to wait till the weather warms up again. With the right strategy and some determination, the winter market could still prove lucrative. 

Here we've outlined some tips to help you sell your home in New England fast, even during winter.

Keep the Homes Exterior Clean

Winter is fraught with snow grime that regularly accumulates on your home's exterior surfaces, especially the windows. That means you will have to clean it off regularly. Similarly, the ice and snow falling on the sidewalks and pavements can make your home less appealing from the outside, putting off potential buyers. It's also good practice to sweep off the snow from your walkways to ensure the buyer gets a better exterior view. 

Maintaining your home's exterior is key to winter selling because it helps improve your curb appeal, decreases chances of property damage from water, and helps your property look its best.

Get a Great Real Estate Agent

Selling your house in the winter might be a challenging prospect, but the right agent could make it easy for you. The best agents know how to get buyers no matter the season, which can help you sell your home faster. A top real estate agent brings expertise to the table and will help your house get more exposure in the market.

Don't just pick any agent; find a resourceful agent because they could be the difference between you selling your home and not finding a buyer at all.

Always Attempt to Show the House During Daytime

If possible, ensure you give tours of your house during the day, when the sun is shining. That way, visitors can have a better look at your house's interior and exterior. During winter, the days are usually shorter than the nights, so you need to convince your visitors to come during the day. The sun will accentuate your decorations and make your home look pretty, increasing the likelihood of potential buyers buying it.

Sometimes it might be hard to control when a potential buyer wants to see the house. In that case, have all the lights (interior or exterior) on for the occasional night show.

Stage your House to Look Warm and Cozy

Most people might ask, how do you stage your home to make it look warm and cozy? Well, it's not as hard as you may think. Simple decorating tips such as selecting good lighting, use of warm paint color, layering your indoors with rugs to add some warmth and charm, lighting the fireplace, incorporating house plants, and adding small comforts like throws and pillows can go a long way in making your house warm and inviting.

Keep The Garden Tidy

During winter, most garden activity slows down, letting nature take its course. That shouldn't be the case because unkempt gardens look worse in the winter than any other time of the year due to the snowy weather. This might reduce the appeal of your home, making it even harder to sell. As such, it’s best to put in some effort and ensure your garden is as tidy as possible. 

The Bottom Line

Getting buyers for your New England house during winter might be a hard sell, though not impossible. During this period, most people are on hectic schedules, and naturally, it takes a bit longer to sell your home.

The tips outlined here make it easier for you. All you need to do is exercise some patience and find an excellent real estate agent.

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