Selling Your Home in New England: When Is the Best Time?

Much like in the rest of the country, the real estate market in New England experienced the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Months later, the market has improved significantly, and once again, it is possible to buy or sell your home in New England. Selling your home is all about the timing and the help of a seasoned New England realtor, like CENTURY 21 North East. Here are a few reasons why now is a good time to sell in the New England real estate market.

No greenlights for new home development

None of the local governments in New England have so far greenlit the development of new homes in recent years. News such as this may feel disheartening to locals looking for brand new homes, but it is perfect for you if you're looking to sell in New England! The demand for residences is ever-growing, and the region is in a seller's market. Finding a realtor to help put your home on the market now for buyers browsing property listings may be the best decision you ever make.

The pandemic has offered a saving opportunity for buyers

Even as the country battled with curbing the spread of the pandemic, many local governments executed stay-at-home mandates. This period provided a saving advantage for many people who could now increase their savings by curbing their spending. They came out on the other side of the pandemic with savings in tow and are now looking to purchase homes where they wouldn't have before! For sellers, this is a chance to meet their demand by offering the best available listings. 

More people are adjusting to working from home

The pandemic taught the world a crucial lesson: that many jobs could be completed from the comfort of the home. Companies have made adjustments to make jobs as remote as possible. As a result, more people are looking for homes with enough room to set up workstations to help them settle into the homely work environment. For you as a seller, all it takes is the help of a capable New England realtor such as CENTURY 21 North East to get your home ready to list on the market to meet this new demand!

Taking advantage of a seller's market is the best chance you have when you decide to list your home on the market. The following are two of the best-known times to sell in New England.

At the start of spring

If you already plan to sell your home in New England, then you should be aware that spring is the best time to succeed. The school year is coming to a close for families with children, and summer vacation is just around the corner. These people want to find and settle in a home while more free time is available before summer vacation. They also wish to complete the move without affecting their children's schooling process. Traditionally, May was always the peak home-selling month. However, warmer weather approaching sooner over the years has prompted people to start their listings as early as February.

Spring brings out many buyers searching for homes, so the chance for a quick sale is high. It is also during this season that you are likely to get a good offer for your home. 

Before the fall

Fall is that time of year when summer has ended, and families are gearing up for the start of the new school year. It is a difficult time to sell a home since people are more preoccupied with more pressing priorities. Homes listed on the market around July or August tend to stay in the market for longer than homes listed in early spring.

It is still possible to sell your home before fall. However, you may be getting a different kind of potential buyer. People looking for homes during this time are often doing so for pressing reasons. These include job transfers that force quick moves, a short sale that pushes the buyer to look for a smaller home, or any other equally challenging issue. Price is always an important consideration for these buyers, so the chances of maximizing the selling price for your home may be low. Your CENTURY 21 North East agent understands the market best, so it is prudent to consult them before deciding to list during this time.

The changing of the seasons affects the choice of when to sell your home in New England. However, current events may also shape the market to determine unique but good selling times. It is also crucial to remember that you should only ever sell your home in New England when you are ready. Mental preparedness and consideration of the benefits you stand to gain are good indicators of readiness.

With these considerations in check, contact a seasoned realtor and have them help you determine your home's worth first before you list it on the market!

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