Top 5 Home Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

There are a number of things the savvy homeowner can do to increase the value of their home before bringing it to market. You can maximize your sales price with important home repairs. Here are five home repairs to make before selling your home. 

1. Foundation: The foundation can be costly to repair if there are major issues, but many smaller problems can be addressed quickly for a reasonable price. Minor crack repairs can cost as little as $500-$750 while larger foundation repairs can cost in the $2,000 to $7,000 range with the national average hovering around $4,500. Major issues can run much higher to correct, and we will sometimes recommend sellers list the home “as is” and price the home accordingly. You will want to act truthfully and be transparent about any foundation issue. After all, the buyer is going to have a home inspection immediately after you accept their offer…you don’t want them kicking the proverbial tires before closing if those tires aren’t what they seem. A buyer will quickly back out of the deal or slash your asking price if a non-disclosed foundation issue is discovered. Honesty is the best policy. 

2. Chimney: When was the last time you had your chimney cleaned? It is recommended you have your chimney cleaned once a year. If you’ve neglected this important maintenance routine it is time to get cracking. A chimney cleaning will only set you back between $130 to $380 if you have been prudent every year. A neglected chimney will typically cost much more to clean…in the ballpark of $800. Regardless, this is an important task to have done professionally. The soot and creosote left behind in a dirty chimney can cause health and safety hazards. The cleaning often, but not always, includes a chimney inspection which will identify structural damage that will need to be repaired. A separate chimney inspection will vary greatly in price depending on the condition of your chimney, around $80-$500. Depending on the complexity of the inspection it could be significantly more, especially if structural damage is present. 

3. Electrical Wiring: Is your home's electrical wiring up to code? How will you know? You certainly don’t want to wait to have this important repair left for a buyer to discover and whittle down the price on the negotiation table. Hire a professional electrician to identify anything that needs to be addressed. You can have the repairs made or have the home price reflect the anticipated cost of repair when listing “as is”. In some instances, you might not even be able to sell your home when an electrician finds outdated wiring during a home inspection! Rewiring typically costs a homeowner $1,500- $10,000 but can be more expensive depending on the size of your home. The job will usually take from 3-10 days to complete. 

4. Roofing: Minor roof repair is an essential thing to take care of before selling your home. Minor repairs (patching leaks, replacing missing shingles, resealing flashing) may only cost $200-$1,500. A full roof replacement can cost much much more, upwards of $20,000. It is best to consult with your trusted seller's agent from CENTURY 21 North East before moving forward with a roof replacement. They will advise you on how to best move forward with home repairs to make before selling your home. 

5. Windows: Outdated windows on older homes will not necessarily deter potential buyers, though they will often point to the windows on the bargaining table. New windows can cost anywhere between $200-$1,800 per window. We usually recommend having your existing windows repaired and made operational by a competent professional.

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